Arriving to Nepal by plane, you'd land in Karthamandu. The city is colorful and we had the chance to be there for Deewali or Deepawali festivities (one of the four Nepali new year's celebrations), end of October.

Swayambunath detail

This is a detail of the Swayambunath Stupa: its building date is unknow, and legends say that is just popped up by itself one day. The eyes are the eyes of Buddha, they appear painted in each of the four sides of the Stupa, because Buddha can see in all directions. The rings represent the thirteen rings of buddh's Wisdom.
The picture here under is detail of the Eyes of Buddha's Eyes.The simbol between the eyes is the number 1, and means the unicity of Buddha. 

Eyes of Buddha. Swayambunath

The place around the Stupa is incredibly lively. Nepali care about their business, they cook, they eat, they celebrate special occasions, they pray, no matter their age.


Kathmandu 1

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