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A selection from our photo album

Namaste !

Welcome to this sample of our (much) larger photo album (+/- 300 images). We have put here some significative pictures we have taken during our too short visit to Nepal, in fact those that mean something to us, and that we wanted to share with some webfriends. Obviously we have chosen those pics that you have less probabilities to find in any book about Nepal.

In order to leave as much disk space for the images, I (Stefano) decided to avoid any other graphic element, and this is the reason for the somehow basic appearence of these pages.

This site is like a normal photo album. Each page contains a link to any of the others, this page included. All you have to do is follow the path we took.

Let's go for the tour

This album will take you for a stroll in Kathmandu, take a bus to Pokhara, start the real thing (the trek) in the Himalaya and see the Annapurna Base Camp and the Machapuchhare (Fishtail Mountain),come back to the civilisation and and take a look at Bhaktapur, in the Kathmandu Valley.

One last thing: before you take a look at the pictures, you might like to know that we have been trekking between mid and end october '97, and that the weather was supposed to be 30c and dry. Well… go ahead!

Sandrine and Stefano

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